Venture Builder

Building startups from future-ready ideas

We invest up to €350k in 100% digital business ideas in B2B and B2C markets

Our foundations

We create startups around innovative ideas with high market potential.

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Business Value

We increase the value of our startups portfolio through the creation of new companies based on cutting-edge technologies.


Talent and experience

We have a multidisciplinary team that covers the whole process of generating a company, from the ideation to the constitution of the startup, as well as its post-creation follow-up and support.


Own resources

We look to increase the successes probability and the sustainability, by supporting us in our assets and network to generate business and competitive advantages.

Telefónica Venture Builder Team

Telefónica Venture Builder is composed of a multidisciplinary team that combines business, investment and entrepreneurship profiles with product, design and technology profiles.

This allows us to cover the entire process of creating a company, from ideation to the incorporation of the startup, as well as post-creation monitoring and support.

Susana Jurado

Susana Jurado

Head of Telefónica Venture Builder

Juan Rubio

Juan Rubio

Finance & Business Builder

José Miguel Hernández

José Miguel Hernández

Head of Engineering

Gonzalo Salcedo

Gonzalo Salcedo

Concept Builder

Sergio Jaramillo

Sergio Jaramillo

UX Strategist

Santiago Castro

Santiago Castro Vilabella

Technology Specialist